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Dumbarton Oaks: book exhibits on bookbindings, nineteenth-century reception of Byzantine art, methods of telling time in the Pre-Columbian Americas, plant folklore, eighteenth-century botanical exploration, garden catalogs, and nature printing, among other topics

University of Dayton: past exhibit curation includes a multimedia exhibit on Catholic devotional gardens, rare book display on women printers in Early Modern Mexico, contributions to exhibit on Books of Hours, contributions to rotating exhibits in our public gallery; spring/summer 2022 curated first-in-the-world exhibit of the work of Italian artist Ezio Anichini; winter 2022 co-curated a multimedia, multi-space exhibit with programming across campus and the community, titled “Juggling for Mary: Vocation, Gifts and Performing for Our Lady”; spring/summer 2023 co-curated “East Meets West,” featuring a private collection of Ukrainian artwork by women icon makers as well as select materials from the Marian Library’s Ukrainian Marian Collection


Extensive media experience, both national and regional. For example, CBS Sunday Morning in 2019. Or, listen to me discuss medieval bees and scrolls on episode 10 of Inside my Favorite Manuscript!

Editor 2018-2023 of the Marian Library Newsletter:

Numerous blog posts for the Marian Library, including one explaining my choice to step away from academic librarianship and one on the traces of oak trees in the library’s collections

Cahalan, Sarah Burke and Kayla Harris. Anticipated 2023. “Pilgrim Pamphlets: Pocket Guides to Christian Tourism in Twentieth-Century Britain.” In Print Tourism, part of the “Print Networks” series, edited by Dr. Catherine Armstrong and Dr. John Hinks, Centre for Printing History & Culture (CPHC).

Cahalan, Sarah Burke and John Shaffer. Anticipated 2023. “A Vision of Art and Faith: The Litany of Loreto and the Work of Ezio Anichini (1886-1948).” Studi di Memofonte 28.

My name is misspelled but I am one of the authors of the Report of the RBMS Climate Readiness Task Force in 2022:

What can you do with unwanted holy cards, and Grandma’s religious statues? Well, that depends. The Conversation, 2021.

ACRL/RBMS Jobs & Hiring Series, ACRL/RBMS, “Resumes & Cover Letters”, Respondent/Discussant, Academic. (August 3, 2021).

Cahalan, Sarah Burke and Kayla Harris. 2020. “Our Lady, Undoer of Knots: Unraveling Best Practices for Unwanted Donations and Deaccessioned Collection Items in a Catholic Library.” Catholic Library World 91:1: 25-33.

Cahalan, Sarah Burke. 2020. “The Nativity Collection In The Marian Library.” Material Religion 16:4, 529-531, DOI: 10.1080/17432200.2020.1794597

Cahalan, Sarah Burke, Amy Hildreth Chen, and Sara Powell. “Sustainable Programming at our Conferences and Institutions.” Presented at the 2019 RBMS Conference.

Cahalan, Sarah Burke and Jason W. Dean. “S. Fred Prince: An Artist in Service to Science in the Ozarks.” Presented at the 2019 Midwest Junto, Linda Hall Library. (New research on Prince’s work as a scientific illustrator for a variety of institutions.)

Cahalan, Sarah Burke. “Climate Change: Implications for Professional Best Practices in Special Collections.” Presented at the 2018 RBMS Conference as part of the seminar “Climate Change and Cultural Heritage: Gathering Data and Exploring Professional Implications for a Very Different” in conversation with Ben Goldman, Whitney Ray, and Eira Tansey.

Cahalan, Sarah Burke and Dean, Jason W. “S. Fred Prince (1857-1949): ‘Artist-Scientist’ of the Ozarks.” In Baumlin, J. S. (Ed.), Living Ozarks: An Anthology of History, Culture, Ecology. Ozarks Studies Institute of Missouri State University: 2018. 

Cahalan, Sarah Burke, and Jason W. Dean. 2018. “The Manuscript Works of S. Fred Prince (1857-1949).” Archives of Natural History 45.1: 122–33. doi:10.3366/anh.2018.0488.

Cahalan, Sarah Burke and Colleen Hoelscher. 2017. “Rethinking Special Collections Moves as Opportunities, not Obstacles.” RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Cultural Heritage 18.2: 123-132.

Cahalan, Sarah Burke. “Libraries and Laudato Si’” Presented at the Libraries and Archives in the Anthropocene symposium: 2017.

Batsaki, Yota, Sarah Burke Cahalan, and Anatole Tchikine, eds. The Botany of Empire in the Long Eighteenth Century. Washington, D.C.: Dumbarton Oaks, 2016.

Vega, F. E., T. Willis, S. Burke Cahalan. 2016. “Edward Rudge’s Plantarum Guianæ rariorum icones et descriptiones hactenus ineditæ: suppressed preface.” Archives of Natural History 43.1: 169-171.

Cahalan, Sarah Burke. “Mary’s Gardens: Garden History at the University of Dayton.” Presented at the 2016 CBHL Annual Meeting.

Cahalan, Sarah Burke and Jason W. Dean. “S. Fred Prince in Space.” Presented at the 2014 RBMS Pre-Conference.

Cahalan, Sarah Burke, Jasmine Casart, and Deirdre Moore. The botany of empire in the long eighteenth century: highlights from the Dumbarton Oaks Rare Book Collection. Washington, D.C.: Dumbarton Oaks, 2013.

Burke, Sarah K. “Bookish fires: the legacy of fire in the Harvard Libraries.” Weissman Preservation Center (Harvard University Libraries) online report. Cambridge, MA: 2010. [This and the following reports tend to come and go from the Weissman website, but feel free to reach out to request a copy.]

Burke, Sarah K. “Timeline of Library Preservation at Harvard.” Weissman Preservation Center (Harvard University Libraries) online report. Cambridge, MA: 2010.

Burke, Sarah K. “The Harvard Bindery: A Short History.” Weissman Preservation Center (Harvard University Libraries) online report. Cambridge, MA: 2010.

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