Sarah Burke Cahalan

Outreach, Special Collections, Digital Projects

Professional Development

June 2015

Active Learning with Challenging Objects with Anne Bahde, Heather Smedberg, and Mattie Taormina

RBMS Conference, Oakland, CA

February 2014

Thinking with Your Eyes: Visualizing the Arts, Humanities and Sciences: a multi-day workshop on visualization tools for a wide variety of data

Harvard, Cambridge, MA

July 2013

The Illustrated Scientific Book to 1800 with Roger Gaskell

Rare Book School, University of Virginia

Autumn 2012

Introduction to Early Modern English Paleography with Heather Wolfe

Folger Institute, Washington, DC

July 2012

Introduction to the Principles of Bibliographic Description with David Whitesell

Rare Book School, University of Virginia

June 2012

Beyond MARC: Metadata for Digital Resources with Mary W. Elings and Bradley D. Westbrook

RBMS Preconference, San Diego, CA

June 2011

Provenance: Tracing Owners & Collections with David Pearson

Rare Book School, University of Virginia

June 2011

THATCamp: The Humanities and Technology Camp

Center for History and New Media, George Mason University

June 2009

Visual Resources Association Summer Educational Institute

Simmons College, Boston, MA

November 2008

Preservation Enclosures Workshop with Hedi Kyle

Garage Annex School, Northampton, MA